??Free Spins Bonus List for New Zealand

A free spins bonus lands on the top of the promotion podium for countless online casino fans, giving players the chance to spin the reel and win big without risking their own hard-earned cash.

There are a handful of different scenarios in which a free spins bonus can be awarded to players.

Some casinos dish out free spins bonuses as part of a loyalty scheme, others may promote random free spin awards and some even award free spins to players on a daily or weekly basis.

However, the most common situation is where casinos offer free spins to new sign-ups in an attempt to lure them in, a tactic that proves most effective without the need for a deposit to claim the bonus.

It’s the final option in which players are most likely to run into those pesky small print issues and with plenty of terms to keep an eye out for, it can become a little overwhelming at times.

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? No Deposit Free Spins List

No Deposit Free Spins
More Info
Sign Up & Get 20 Spins
Maximum cashout from spins $100
40x Wagering on Winnings From Spins
Spins awarded on bGaming & Netent Pokies
Maximum cashout from spins $100
Confim Email To Get Spins!
Deposit $500+ To Get Up To $2400 in Bonus!
Spins on Chili Desert, Farm Ville 2, Sheriff's Justice, Alchemy Book, Wolf's Quest, Christmas Farm
After Registration Go To Account -> Bonus -> Claim
20x Wagering on Winnings

Things To Keep In Mind With No Deposit Free Spins

No deposit spins are the ultimate risk-free bonus offered as a tempting promotion to introduce new players to an online casino.

However, players looking to claim no deposit free spins may find that the tempting bonuses come paired with some rather severe restrictions for withdrawing any potential winnings. With far more technical jargon and careful clauses in the terms and conditions, the risk-free bonuses can be a minefield for players looking to cash in on a great welcome offer.

Below we’ve listed some of the most common sticking points that players are likely to come across when claiming too-good-to-be-true welcome offers at online casinos.

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? Maximum Cashout From Free Spins

A maximum cash-out from free spins condition essentially caps players from large winnings when cashing in on their bonus spins.

In the eyes of the casino, it seems that a player winning an impressive sum from a free bonus spin is the worst outcome known to man.

To solve this issue, the majority of free spins come with a maximum cash-out limit to prevent any life-changing sums from landing into the hands of the player.

Typical maximum cash-out limits vary from bonus to bonus and are heavily influenced by the value of the spin. For example, a common maximum cashout limit for 10 spins of value $0.10 would be around $1.50.

Similarly, players should expect bonus spins of a larger value to have a higher maximum cash-out limit.

This value will likely be clearly highlighted when claiming the free spins offer – it’s a good idea to keep this in mind, putting a stop to any false-hope or heart-stopping jackpot moments.

? Wagering Requirements On Winnings

Wagering requirements enforced on winnings are some of the most popular terms that online casinos love to enter into the small print when offering bonuses.

Wagering requirements, if you’re not familiar, are typically written as a multiplier e.g. “35x” and represents the number of times that winnings must be wagered before any withdrawals can be made. For example, if a player manages to secure a total of $10 from their free spins, this value must then be wagered a total of 35 times.

It may not sound like much, to begin with, but a 35x wagering requirement on just $10 of slot winnings would result in a total of $350 in transactions before withdrawals are available.

The actual wagering requirement varies from casino to casino and bonus to bonus. Some offers may avoid wagering requirements entirely, some may offer small requirements such as 10x and others may opt for large 50-60x wagering requirements.

It’s just one more of the many reasons that players should always check the bonus terms and conditions before wagering blind.

? Deposit Requirement

Although some casinos may advertise their free spin bonuses as “no deposit required”, they may sneak in a condition forcing players to deposit funds before withdrawing any winnings.

These are undoubtedly the most frustrating no-deposit bonuses that players can come across and essentially mislead players into a forced deposit if they are interested in withdrawing their funds. The minimum deposit amount will vary between different casinos and bonuses, although an industry-standard between $5 and $20 should be expected.

It’s vital that players check the bonus terms of their free spins promotions for any deposit-to-withdraw conditions. If you spot them, avoid them unless you’re happy to deposit the minimum amount.

? Expiration Date

An expiration date enforced on a free spins bonus is exactly what it says on the tin – a date in which the bonus will expire if not used by the player.

Expiration dates are typically used to avoid players collecting open-ended bonuses and to add a sense of urgency to the promotions offered.

Typically, expiration dates on casino bonuses are scheduled within 7 days of the player receiving the reward with some free spin bonuses requiring the player to sign in to their account each day to collect the next instalments.

When receiving a free spins bonus, it pays to check the dates associated – there’s not much worse than looking to claim your bonus only to find that you’re 24-hours too late.

? Free Spins AFTER Deposit

Casinos are more likely to offer a free spins bonus after a deposit, often as a smaller part to a larger welcome offer.

Depending on the casino/bonus, these spins may come with some of the requirements and restrictions listed above, although this is much less common when players have already deposited at the site.

The number of spins offered may vary depending on a number of factors including the size of the deposit, type of welcome bonus and casino of choice.

Free spins offered after deposit are typically assigned to a small number of specific games of which players will often notice high volatility. This gives the opportunity for large wins, although these wins are typically few and far between.

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Free Spins
More Info

Free Spins Bonus vs Free Spins Bonus Rounds

One of the most common misconceptions when chatting about a free spins bonus is the confusion that the free spins bonus round in a typical pokie is the same thing.

The confusion stems from those free spins bonuses that are available to use on a single slot game rather than a selection of different video slots.

If we look at the definitions, we see that a free spins bonus round is a traditional feature of an online video slot and gives players the chance to maximise their returns on a pokie when playing the game. This is typically triggered by collecting wild scatter symbols across the reels when spinning the slot.

It is practically unheard of that a casino offers a free spin bonus round to a single pokie machine – instead, players should expect standard spins for free. Although players may be lucky enough to trigger the free spins bonus feature when using their free spins bonus, it is by no means guaranteed.

Typically, pokies rarely enter the bonus features and longer periods of play are required for a higher likelihood of accessing the round.

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Are Free Spins Worth The Hassle?

With all of these potential pitfalls, you may be wondering whether or not free spin bonuses are actually worth the hassle.

There’s no short one-size-fits-all answer to this question thanks to a plethora of different requirement cocktails out there.

Some casinos will apply crazy wagering requirements to these bonuses in an effort to prevent players from cashing out any funds and that’s something that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.
However, there are a good few casinos that treat these free bonus spin as a loss-leader, putting the power in the hands of the player with a fantastic offer to get players excited about the casino.

It’s the latter that we want to be seeking out when searching for free spins bonuses and although they do take some searching for, they do exist.

A full list of the best no deposit free spins promotions can be spotted above and by keeping an eye out for those tricky small print terms, players can ensure they’re getting the very best bonuses.

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